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Disposable Dental Handpiece-Caring for Life, Starting from Teeth

Disposable dental handpiece is a necessary product for dentists in clinical practice, but most of the products currently used in clinical practice are reusable products.

The high-speed mobile phone head will suck blood and saliva from the patient’s mouth back into the handpiece at the end of the treatment and stop. Simply wiping the surface of the handpiece with a disinfectant will not remove the suction liquid inside the dental handpiece.

Even with high temperature and high pressure, it cannot be completely removed. The head must be separated and cleaned and disinfected according to the standard and tedious steps to completely kill the iatrogenic virus. This operation greatly increases the cost of disinfection and reduces the service life of dental handpiece.

The birth of the disposable dental handpiece is in line with the international trend. It completely eliminates the occurrence of dental viral cross-infection, and solves many dfficult questions such as the current high cost and disinfection of dental handpieces.

Ⅰ. Three core advantages of disposable dental handpiece

1. Technical advantage

Independent innovation, the core technology is the world's leading, two-way sealed flange bearing technology, realizes the functions of sealing, shock absorption, noise reduction, and anti-return; unique anti-return device, which plays a dual anti-back suction effect; quick dismantling device, one time The sex dental handpiece cannot be changed after being dismantled, ensuring true one-time use.

2. Price advantage

Adopting German advanced industrial manufacturing technology and importing imported machine heads for automated production, improving and ensuring quality, achieving breakthroughs in production cost control, and achieving the absolute cost-effective advantage of disposable dental handpieces.

3. Excellent quality

A disposable dental handpiece with absolute guarantee of use function and low price.

Ⅱ. Why use disposable dental handpiece for oral treatment

The person we are talking about here refers to the patients in the dentistry department, and the machine refers to the dental handpiece for dentistry, that is, the dental drill used for drilling teeth. The dentistry doctor usually holds the part of the machine in his hand.

Dental handpieces work in and out of the patient's mouth and are the most easily contaminated and most contaminated dental instruments. If it is not thoroughly disinfected, it will become a serious source of infection, causing terrible consequences such as cross-infection.

An important reason why many patients are afraid of imported cavity medicine is that they are afraid of dental handpieces. First, they are afraid of the pain when drilling their teeth, and what is more afraid is that the dental handpieces used by many patients are too dirty, and they are afraid of contracting infectious diseases.

With the popularization of medical knowledge, people's health awareness is increasing day by day, and everyone pays more attention to the quality of life. More and more patients have this kind of worry and raise this kind of problem.

If the dental instruments are not thoroughly disinfected, these instruments are likely to become killers that endanger the health of patients and staff during the inspection and treatment process!

In addition to infectious diseases that can be transmitted through the digestive tract, such as hepatitis A, blood-borne diseases, such as hepatitis B and AIDS, may also be transmitted to others through dental mobile phones.

Because of dental pulp, bleeding gums, oral mucosal ulcers or small abrasions and so on, all of these may become the entrance of blood-borne infections.

In recent years, following the emergence and widespread use of disposable medical syringes, disposable instrument boxes including mouth mirrors, probes, tweezers, plates, scarves and paper towels, used in dentistry have also been widely used.

However, due to the particularity of dental handpieces, disposable dental handpieces have not yet been achieved in the world.

In recent years, a special high-temperature and high-pressure steam sterilizer for dental handpieces that can control the sterilization temperature at 134°C has been produced. This temperature can sterilize without damaging the gaskets of dental handpieces. This makes disposable handpieces come to true. The machine program was realized.

Nowadays, the commonly used method in hospitals is to put the dental handpiece cleaned by ordinary methods with machine oil in advance, put it into a special plastic bag, seal it with a sealer, put it in a disinfection pot for the dental handpiece, and store it for later use.

When the patient uses it, the plastic bag is opened on the spot. It is reliable to use this method for disinfection. Although compared with the alcohol scrubbing method, this method will shorten the life of the dental handpiece, but it is necessary and worthwhile to protect the health of dental patients.

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