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Dental Supplies Wholesale

Let UMG be your wholesale dental product manufacturer and supply you with high-quality dental instruments wholesale. We have a rich wholesale dental products line for you to choose from. Our products are divided into categories according to purpose and specialty, ranging from dental treatment units, dental laboratories, dental instruments to disposable dental consumables, etc. Our website offers a variety of wholesale dental supply for dental clinics, dental experiments labs and dental offices. We not only guarantee the high quality of the dental supply wholesale, but also guarantee the low prices of the bulk dental supplies. Our products have CE FDA certificates. Our foreign trade department has been established for 9 years and has a wealth of experience in importing and exporting goods, so You can trust us!

Dental Products Wholesale

Treatment Units

Dental Treatment Units Wholesale

Set up a dental clinic may consume a large amount of money and human resources.  Dental clinics often need to purchase various kinds of dental materials equipment. Over the time, these denal products are easily become more expensive, because the cost of manufacturering are increasing year by year.  But with the help of the UMG, wholesale dental supplies can save a lot of money, we are able to let you have no trouble of solve the problem of patients with low cost.

UMG Dental Supplies Wholesale can help you save money, we give you the ability to buy dental supplies online at a lower cost, we offer only the best wholesale dental supplies to ensure your clinic has everything it needs to provide the best care for patients.


Dental Furniture Wholesale

With the improvement of people's living standards, dental health is also valued by people. A comfortable and hygienic dental clinic can not only reflect the professional qualities of oral doctors, but also create a relaxed and comfortable oral care environment for oral doctors, and even play a very good role in inhibiting bacterial cross-infection. The dental cabinet in the clinic is made of stainless steel smooth seamless tube material, which is strong and durable. The knee-switched cabinet achieves aseptic operation, and the wash basin is deep enough to soak the equipment and scrub the dishes. Automatic faucets and soap dispensers can prevent cross-contamination between patients, so that customers come to your dental clinic to see their teeth, and after the treatment process is over, the customer's sense of trust in you will increase.

Lab Supplies

Dental Lab Supplies Wholesale

The dental laboratory is the place to complete all the tasks that the patient does not participate in the oral medicine. It provides dental crowns, bridges, inlays, orthodontic devices, denture making, dental model making, repairing or processing teeth. For technical services, there is also a dental laboratory, which is a place that specializes in the production of dentures. The location is generally not in the hospital. To complete the above work, a variety of professional tools are needed, such as a Sand Blasting Machine,Dental Vibrator,Wax Pot,Model Trimmer,Dental Lab Workbench,etc.

Instrument & Small Equipment

Dental Instrument & Small Equipment Wholesale

Ordering small dental instruments at UMG is very convenient and worry-free. No matter what dental instruments you need, including dental handpieces, oral irrigators, dental curing lights, dental eye lopes, etc. UMG can offer one-stop wholesale shopping, you only need to make an order. we will help you solve all the trivial matters of transportation and send it directly to your clinic, so that you can solve the patient's disease without any worries


Dental Consumables Wholesale

Dental consumables are various materials used in repairing defective teeth or replacing missing dentitions, restoring anatomical shape, function and beauty, as well as in oral preventive health care and correction of deformities. Clinically, it can be divided into public consumables and specialized materials. Common consumables are generally disposable oral kit, disposable caps/masks/gloves, syringes and flushing needles, and saliva ejector. Specialty materials are divided into six departments: intraoral, extraoral, prosthetics, orthodontics, mechanics and oral health supplies. UMG is committed to providing high quality dental disposables at significant discounts to provide the best value for your dental office. Our quality is superior, but the price is not high.

Simulation Unit

Dental Simulation Unit Wholesale

With the advancement of medical teaching methods, dental education models are constantly changing. In order to solve the problems of irregular operation, preparation steps, and non-standard methods for dental students, convenient dental simulation teaching products have been developed. UMG specializes in the production of dental simulators, our products are made of high-quality sheet circuits, with good quality but not high prices. Our dental simulators are wholesaled to all over the world.

Imaging System

Dental Imaging System Wholesale

We has a good command of basic knowledge of X-ray radiation and dental health, that's the guarantee that we produce dental X-ray in small volume and small radiation. Our X ray imaging system is also easy to operation. Our products make patients don't have to wear heavy clothing that resistant to radiation and help reduce the cost of dental clinic that has set radiological diagnosis and treatment room. Our X-ray imaging system wholesale business is delivered around the world. 

Fast Delivery Dental Supply Wholesale

UMG dental products wholesale are manufactured of the highest quality materials, and are highly stocked and ready to ship,We are proud to partner with over 5000 customers and continue to grow.

Why Choose UMG Wholesale Dental Products

Why Choose UMG Wholesale Dental Products

Wide Ranges of Wholesale Products for Dentists

As a professional dental instruments companies in china, we will provide a wealth of dental equipment wholesale that need to be used in dental practice. We offer dental masks, mouthpieces, dental trays, disposable mouth mirrors, disposable scarves, and other disposable products to avoid cross-infection and for clinical examination. We also offer dental chairs, mobile treatment units, dental handpieces, light curing, air compressors and other dental equipment for clinical treatment. We have dental simulation, dental model and pathological model for future dentists to simulate patients in medical school and do dental practice use at the time. We sell dental laboratory equipment used to restore teeth and make dental models. there are hundreds of high-quality dental supplies wholesale to choose from.

The WorldwideTrusted Wholesale Dental Supply Company

As one of the experienced dental instruments companies in China, We have processed dental chairs, dental educational models & simulators, dental cabinets, and disposable consumable dental materials for many years for many companies all over the world, such as  Germany, Russia, Mexico, USA, etc. also, other companies in China.

UMG has passed the ISO13485 audit, has a complete and strict quality management system, and has obtained CE, ISO, and other certificates. UMG has won general customer trust and high praise for high-quality wholesale dental supply and good services. UMG's R & D and technical teams are always committed to innovation and development. We are looking forward to cooperating with you to make our cause closely linked to your success!


  • What Are The Basic Dental Instruments?

    Many people have psychological shadows about going to dentistry, not only because the pain is unbearable when seeing the teeth, but also because the strange equipment makes people frightened. There are many dental instruments, the first is the dental chair. Many people say that they tremble at the moment they lie on it, followed by the oral three-piece suit, tweezers, mouth mirror, dental probe, the necessary choice for oral operation, during the examination The 3-way syringe can spray both wind and water. If you need to fill your teeth, you need to use a dental handpiece. This is a very lethal tool. When the sound is loud, the water spray will make a sharp rubbing sound. Is there any tool for you who has treated toothache that has left you a deep impression or even a lifetime shadow?

  • How Long Do Instruments Stay Sterile After Autoclaving?

    Sterile items after high-pressure steam sterilization, indicate the sterilization date and item storage time limit, generally can be kept for 1 to 2 weeks

  • How Do You Identify Dental Instruments?

    Distinguish dental instruments by purpose

    1. Mouth mirror---The dentist can be used to see the places where the line of sight is out of reach. It is used for oral inspection to observe the condition of the tooth surface and the structure of the mouth. It is a sight extension tool for doctors.

    2. Dental Probe----as the name suggests, use a needle-like iron rod to test the depth of the cavity and the cavity in the allergic area. Look at the state of the root canal and gums. There are many types of shapes.

    3. Tweezers----clamp dressing devices and drugs to check for loose teeth

    4. Dental handpieces----divided into high-speed handpieces and low-speed handpieces, telling the rotation to divide the teeth into several pieces, replacing the role of the dental chisel and osteotome, and used for dental treatment-level restoration

    5. Dental elevator-----composed of the blade, handle and rod, loosen the teeth before extraction to facilitate tooth extraction

    6. Dental mallet---bone removal and crown splitting to increase the gap

    7. Light curing----help the composite resin and adhesive to solidify in a short time when filling teeth

    8. Pneumatic dental elevator---advanced version of the tooth elevator, easier to enter between the teeth and bones, reducing bone damage

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