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Dental Cabinet

There are many small equipment in clinics. In order to be tidy and beautiful to improve work efficiency, clinics are generally equipped with dental cabinets, including mobile dental cabinets, combined dental s cabinets and trolleys. Below, Tangshan UMG Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. will give you a brief introduction.

As a professional wholesale dental supply company, we provide Mobile Dental Cabinets, General Dental Cabinet and Dental Trolley Dental Cart.

Dental Trolley Dental Cart
Dental Trolley Dental Cart
Medical cart has always played a pivotal role in the medical field. It can become a movable workbench, making medical staff work more conveniently and quickly in the medical process.
Mobile Dental Cabinets
Mobile Dental Cabinets
Dental cabinet is made by the non-infection medical grade stainless steel, the surface processing is metal wiredrawing. cabinets are anti-corrosion, anti-flaming, wear resistance, easy to clean.
General Dental Cabinet
General Dental Cabinet
Full steel structure dental treatment side cabinet has strong function, good load-bearing capacity, beautiful and generous, it not only enriches your storage space, but also meets the various needs of medical staff.

UMG Dental Cabinet Advantages

Tangshan UMG Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., a professional manufacture for medical cabinets.

Evironment healthy, no radition high-grade 304stainless steel cabinet with diamond phoenix stone tabletop. Ergonomics design with fashion appearance, durable mateial, our

cabinet are hot sale all over the world.

Comparing with wood, cold rolled steel, aluminum 304 stainless steel is more anti-friction, more antiflaming, more insect prevention, more anticorrosion and easy to clean, meanwhite, various colors stainless steel and various tabletop are available to make your clinic more comfortable. You will never to worry that the medical and chemicals dirty the tabletop and hard to clean, you will enjoy to work with UMG dental cabinet.

4 Reasons To Choose UMG

1. Leading the design of medical equipment cabinets

Perfect production process, practical experience and professional design team Product design is environmentally friendly, durable, and safe.

2. Style, guaranteed delivery time

Modern standard factory

The company's products have more than 100 special distributors around the world.

3. Guarantee product quality

All products go through rigorous raw material selection and procurement procedures; Produce in strict accordance with the production process, from raw material inspection to

finished product, strictly control product quality.

4. Perfect after-sales service system

Technical engineers provide one-to-one service to solve all kinds of problems for you in time; Gold medal after-sales team, guarantee response within 24 hours.

What is the Dental Office Cabinet?

The dental cabinet serves as a crucial part in dental treatment offices, which can be used to storage dental equipment and does good to efficient work. It consists of central cabinets, island and side consoles, dental mobile carts, side cabinets, upper cabinets and treatment centers with sinks. Cabinet dental aims at creating a stylish and efficient dental practice with cabinets, carts and other furnishings, allowing you to find proper cabinets to suit your office space and meanwhile creating a consistent style for your clinic.

How Does Dental Cabinet Design?

Everything about dental clinic cabinet design is to provide high efficiency and comfort for dentists. Finding the best dental cabinet design is of great importance, which is worth considering from unique infills and elegant glass vessel sinks to ergonomic swing-out shelves. Well-designed dental furniture will without doubt make a big difference to your physical comfort. Everything that helps you work efficiently and comfortably is within reach. The cabinet dental is made up of a monitor which can glide between the doctor and assistant. Shelves can be moved to get ancillaries accessible from either side.

What Is Rear Delivery Dental Cabinets? 

The rear delivery dental clinic cupboard enables to accommodate all clinical tools, instruments and equipment behind the patients in order to spare more room for larger pieces of equipment in the operating room. What’s more, the rear delivery dental clinic cabinet not only serves as the least expensive method to connect utilities in the dental office, and keeps equipment out of view of the patient as well, which to some extent, reduces anxiety and helps the patient have a better operating experience.

Custom Dental Cabinets

We have many models for you choice. If you have different required dimension, pls let me know, we can customize the most suitable dental cabinet for you according to your size and requirements. Except those models, we could customize for you If you can provide pictures or floor plan to us. CAD file will be better, then we will get accurate dimensions for all the cabinets and send drawings for you.

FAQs of Dental Cabinet

FAQs of Dental Cabinet

  • Where Are The Medical Cabinets Generally Used?

    There are many types of large cabinets in hospitals, which are generally more common, and they are generally classified according to the type of medical cabinets. However, people usually classify medical cabinets according to other classification standards. According to the type, there are mainly equipment cabinets, medicine cabinets with drawers, equipment cabinets with drawers, slide cabinets, slicing cabinets, wax block cabinets, cold slice cabinets, intensive medicine cabinets, sterile cabinets, smoke cabinets, poisonous hemp cabinets, Disinfection cabinets, injection cabinets, door shoe cabinets, lockers, western medicine cabinets, Chinese medicine cabinets, etc.; according to the material, there are mainly stainless steel, stainless steel bottom sprayed, steel sprayed, etc.; divided by color, mainly including all 304# stainless steel color, gray, blue, green, blue and gray and other spray colors, the product color can maximize to meet customer requirements.

  • What Are The Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Medical Cabinets?

    The stainless steel medical cabinet is made of stainless steel, embedded and easy to fix, the surface is matte pattern is not halo, corrosion resistance, and cleaning resistance. It is convenient for equipment management, cleanliness, suitable for various operating room functional needs, and meets cleanliness standards. Double-opening lift doors or sliding doors, the inner horizontal and vertical partitions are designed according to different purposes, the stainless steel medical cabinet is convenient for medical staff to access various surgical supplies as needed, and the inner body design is simple and reasonable. According to the needs of customers, medical equipment cabinets of various dimensions that meet the requirements of clean operating rooms can be produced.

  • Oral Combination Cabinet Knowledge And Medical Combination Cabinet Category

    1. The overall structure of the cabinet is a full-steel structure, using high-quality stainless steel steel plate, which is strong and durable; the surface of the steel plate is coated with a film, which is durable.

    2. The countertop of the cabinet body is made of high-density pure white phoenix stone, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The surface of the phoenix stone is specially treated without coloring.

    3. The drawer track selects the high-grade built-in automatic rebound reset track; it meets the scientific and orderly placement requirements of dental appliances.

    4. Equipped with high-grade stainless steel heating and cooling adjustable faucet, the water control switch is controlled by electric foot switch and induction faucet to avoid cross-infection; equipped with high-grade ceramic under-counter basin.

    5. The waste collection box is concealed and placed under the wash basin, and the door switch does not need to be manually switched. The knee-top self-elastic switch is adopted, which is convenient for operation and avoids cross-infection.

    6. The overall structure configuration of the side cabinet can be reasonably configured according to the needs of the dentistry and the work characteristics of the dentist, and there are a variety of specifications and functional cabinets to choose from.

    7. Other aspects

    a) Various types of cabinets are available. "L" type or "—" type combination can be selected, "single group type" and "mobile type" can also be selected;

    b) The position of each monomer can be combined arbitrarily according to the actual situation, and the Phoenix stone countertop can be customized according to different specifications and sizes to ensure its integration;

    c) Cooperate with the production according to the actual requirements of the user, such as adding a computer operating table, etc.;

    d) Production and design can also be flexibly coordinated to ensure the scientific design and professionalism of production;

    e) More handle colors can be provided as the user's personalized choice.

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