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Dental Sterilization - An Important Part That Can Not Be Ignored

Due to the particularity of its space and equipment, dental clinics will produce many droplets and aerosols with tissue fluid, saliva, and blood in the patient's mouth during the treatment process. In particular, the patients received by Dental clinics have the characteristics of great uncertainty. They are facing many unknown HBV, HCV, HIV-infected persons, or virus carriers. There are significant unknown factors for aerosol and droplets to carry pathogenic bacteria in the process of diagnosis and treatment.

Ⅰ. The purpose of dental sterilization

1. Diagnosis of various types of contact damaged mucosa or entry into human sterile tissues.

Sterilization machine for dental office must be clean before use.

2. All kinds of oral appliances that touch the skin, such as mouth water jet and laminating cups, must be disinfected before use. The repairing impressions, models, etc., must be disinfected before they contact body fluids or blood to the laboratory for operation.

Ⅱ. Matters need to be noted of dental sterilization

1. Device structure. Material characteristics vary significantly. For example, dental handpieces are complex in design, or dental handpieces produced by different manufacturers have different temperature tolerances. When choosing a sterilization method from intolerable temperature to 135 C temperature, you must be careful.

2. Medical staff should pay attention to hand washing and disinfection to prevent cross-infection and self-protection. Hands must be strictly washed and disinfected before each operation and after the end of the work.

3. Dynamic disinfection of the air in the consulting room should be carried out to prevent inhaled contact infections. Doctors must wear masks, caps, and protective goggles when performing oral disease diagnosis, treatment, and operation.

4. Medical staff must provide qualified dental operatory equipment to each patient during the diagnosis and treatment process. Capable oral instruments should have been disinfected and sterilized and are disposable within the validity period. Medical air sterilizer is one of the indispensable and powerful guarantee methods for air disinfection and purification in dental clinics.

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