UM-S2B Typodont Model

Our dental model UM-S2B Typodont Model is an orthodontic training model composed of wax dike, dental model and orthodontic articulator, which can meet various orthodontic operation training requirements. Each part of this orthodontic model can be disassembled according to the needs, and the teeth can be separated from the wax dike (GUM). The wax dike can be replaced. Our wax dike product model is um-s2a. Customers can replace them as needed.

The Details of UM-S2B Typodont Model

The Specifications of UM-S2B Typodont Model

1. This dental model can meet different orthodontic needs

2. All parts of the orthodontic model can be disassembled for easy operation

3. The wax dike of the model can be replaced, which is convenient to replace when the wax dike is damaged

4. The material of dental model is high-quality resin with guaranteed quality

Hardware Parameters Of UM-S2B Typodont Model

Product Name

Typodont Model






Resin,PVC plastic,wax

Country of origin




Scope of application

Dental school and hospital, training places

Quality guarantee period

1 year


Can replace the gum by UM-S2A

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