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Dental X Ray

X-ray machine is widely used in medical health, scientific education, industrial fields, such as X-ray machine can be used in hospitals to assist doctors to diagnose diseases, used for industrial non-destructive inspection, railway station or airport security inspection and so on. Dental X-ray machine is specialized in oral cavity, including teeth, mandible, maxilla and other parts of the general X-ray photography X-ray machine.

UM-80G Dental Image Machine
UM-80G Dental Image Machine
UM-80G Dental X-ray machine consist by x ray tube head, console, frame, it is the fixed X-ray machine.
X-12D Domestic Sphere Dental X-ray
X-12D Domestic Sphere Dental X-ray
UM-X12D Dental Portable X-ray Machine is a portable X-ray machine with domestic ball tube, frequency conversion control, ultra-clear shooting, automatic sleep, extremely low radiation and four layers of protection.
X-12Q Five Layers Of Self-protection Dental X-ray
X-12Q Five Layers Of Self-protection Dental X-ray
This machine is DC high frequency portable, small size, light weight, almost no radiation. Manual buttons are mounted on the surface of the housing for easy operation.
X-12QS Shooting Super Clear Dental X-ray
X-12QS Shooting Super Clear Dental X-ray
UM-X12QS is a high-frequency chair side X-ray machine with five layers of protection of automatic sleep, which adopts a spike tube to shoot ultra clear, no radiation to doctors and little radiation to patients.
BLX-5 Simple And Easy To Handle Dental X-ray
BLX-5 Simple And Easy To Handle Dental X-ray
The machine is mainly used in dental clinics, to check out before treatment, and to be used for comparison and confirmation during and after treatment.

What Are The Types Of Dental X-ray Machines?

General dental X-ray machines are divided into portable (like a camera), vertical, wall-mounted and so on. All the above pictures were taken on film. Films come in disposable or digital form. The digital film can be used multiple times.

Panorama machines and CBCT are also routinely used in large categories of stomatology.

Dental X Ray Radiation

In the process of dental diagnosis, a large number of X-rays are generated by the corresponding dental veneers to understand the size and distribution of the teeth and the specific conditions of the patient. In the process of doing the corresponding dental examination. X-rays are not big. Normally, it's equivalent to a chest radiograph. But this kind of radioactive dose to the human body's influence, especially each organ's influence is not obvious. So after we're done. Get some rest and drink plenty of water. Generally, the corresponding radioactive waste can be discharged quickly.

Why Should Treat Tooth Take A Film?

Usually, we can only see a little bit of enamel on the outer layer of the tooth with the naked eye. If there is something wrong with the tooth inside, we can't see it. Dentists who do not have fluoroscopic eyes certainly cannot see through the phenomenon to see the essence of the tooth. Therefore, in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the teeth, it is very necessary to take a dental film.

Types Of Dental X-ray Machines

There are six types of tooth x rays: bitewing X-ray, periapical X-ray, occlusal X-ray, panoramic X-ray, cephalometric projection and cone beam X-ray. The bitewing X-ray is the most common and is often taken for preventative purposes since it is a great way to see any decay between teeth or below the gumline.

What Are Dental X Ray Machine Parts?

There are seven parts of dental scan machine:

1. three primary components: tubehead, extension arm

and control panel

2. Tubehead. tightly sealed, heavy metal housing that contains the radiograph tube that produces dental x-rays.

3. Tubehead components: metal housing body - contains x-ray tube.

4. X - Ray tube.

5. PID (position indicating device) .

6. Extension Arm.

7. Control Panel.

What Are Quality Control Tests For Dental Radiography?

Quality Control (QC) refers to the specific test that is used to ensure effective and safe equipment performance of x-ray systems. Based on established protocols for facilities, equipment and procedures, The QC test can check the performance of the equipment under routine clinical conditions. Quality control tests for dental radiography include the basic performance test of x-ray units, manual and automatic processing test, and image receptors and viewing test.

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