UM-U17 Suture Module

Good simulation human skin toughness and characteristics, can be used for primary surgical skin suture practice, with real feeling, can be used repeatedly.
Portable design makes it convenient for simulation training.

Function of UM-U17 Suture Module

For a number of incision, suture and other related surgical operative surgery training. Include: incision, suture, knot, shear line, take out stitches.
The suture practice plate made of advanced nontoxic materials, with height simulation skin, fat and muscle layer.
With real practice feeling and visual effect, can be in any position and in different depth of cut suture.

Features of UM-U17 Suture Module

1. No simulation tooth oral suture module

2. Comprehensive practice of oral suture patterns by imitating various types of oral wounds

3. Soft silicone material is durable

4. Simulated reproduction of oral and maxillary tissue structure 1:1 proportional design, more real operation sense

The Details of UM-U17 Suture Module

The Video of UM-U17 Suture Module

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