Dentist Chair

The dentist chair is one of the most important parts of the dental clinic. A comfortable ergonomic doctor chair is a good helper for doctors during operation. We understand the value of ergonomics in the dental clinic and proudly provide our Dentist chair. The dentist can sit on it and adjust the sitting posture at will without any discomfort. The open design of the UMG dental chair and no restrictions on sitting posture reduce the pressure on the legs, and can always keep the blood flowing in the legs, and there will be no sedentary leg numbness. The situation is suitable for doctors for long-term dental surgery.

SV038A Dental Stool
SV038A Dental Stool
SV038A is a basic dentist chair with small size, smooth swivel wheels, metal bracket, adjustable height to match the height of the doctor, this dentist chair can be seated upright or reversed,
SV042 Dentist Chair
SV042 Dentist Chair
The back supported dentist's chair is ergonomically designed to help the doctor stay comfortable at all times.

Advantage of UMG Dentist Chair

1. Strong-super load-bearing

2. Smooth-sliding without trace

3. Design---Professional Dental Chair

4. Quality---long service life

How To Choose A Dentist Chair

Be sure to choose a regular product with manufacturer information, pay attention to check whether the product has a certificate of conformity, and a registered trademark. UMG dental chair seats are all CE certified, so you can rest assured to buy.

FAQS of UMG Dentist Chair

FAQS of UMG Dentist Chair

  • Does It Support Customization?

    Yes, we can choose different parts according to your requirements to make the dental chair more in line with your requirements.

  • There Are Several Materials For The Cushions And What Colors Are Available

    Dentist chair cushions are available in two materials, PU leather and microfiber leather, in a variety of colors. There are 24 colors in the colored card for your choice in the details.

  • Is It Safe To Transport?

    We have safe packaging and reliable logistics companies, and transportation safety problems rarely occur. If there are problems, please contact our customer service in time, and we will provide after-sales guarantee services for you.

Whether want to get dental product support or have any questions
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