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Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic dental cleaning machine is a high-tech product integrating electronic technology, ultrasonic technology and precision machinery. The product has stable performance, easy operation, safety and reliability, and is a necessary professional equipment for professional dental hospitals.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning is a relatively advanced dental cleaning technology, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, time and labor saving, in the correct operation, the damage to the tooth surface is minimal. Its small damage to the tooth surface is also smaller than manual brushing, only under a magnifying glass, you can see the very fine lines left on the tooth surface. If there are already loose teeth and sensitive teeth, there may be sore and uncomfortable feelings during cleaning, but you do not need to worry about it

Application of ultrasonic tooth cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning refers to the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment to remove dental calculus, plaque, smoke scale, tea scale, etc. attached to the surface of the teeth, without damaging the gums and tooth enamel, coupled with the continuous flushing of the water, so that the effect of cleaning teeth is better and more efficient.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning can not only remove plaque, tartar and tea stains and other dirt on the surface of the teeth, make the teeth white, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of oral diseases such as bad breath, root bleeding, periodontal disease, dental caries and so on.

Some people's teeth in the teeth cleaning after the cold will be slightly sore feeling, this is why?

In fact, this is not the harm caused by dental cleaning. But because before dental cleaning, the root of the tooth has been surrounded by dental stones, at this time, the dental stones play a role in blocking external stimulation. Once the stone is gone, the root surface of the tooth is exposed, and it will be sensitive to cold and produce slight soreness. This is also normal, and it takes about a week for this allergy to go away


Ultrasonic dental cleaning is prohibited for patients with cardiac pacemakers, blood diseases such as acute leukemia, aplastic anemia, and AIDS

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