Dental Air Compressor

Compressed air is an indispensable source of power in oral treatment. The main function of dental air compressors is to provide power for the control of water/air spray guns, turbine handpieces, sandblasting machines and other dental equipment and treatment machines to ensure continuous and reliable operation. When choosing an air compressor, stability is the most important factor. A medical compressed air system that can provide clean, dry, and oil-free is the primary condition to ensure the normal operation of the oral comprehensive treatment table. A good dental air compressor is reliable behind the scenes. Work, medical staff can concentrate on treatment.

UM-J Series Oilless Air Compressor
UM-J Series Oilless Air Compressor
Our company's um-j series oil-free ar compressor adopts high-quality, large-flow oil-free piston compressor swing as the power source, which can provide a stable oil-free gas source, prevent oil spots from entering the human body, and avoid terminal malfunctions.
UM-E Series Oilless Air Compressor
UM-E Series Oilless Air Compressor
With noise lower than 70dB,this air compressor is needed such as hospital and clinic. This machine is using auto-drain constuction.Which can make the output air more dry.
UM-1930 Suitable For 30 Dental Chairs
UM-1930 Suitable For 30 Dental Chairs
Composed of compressor head, air storage tank, air dryer system, condensate valve, pressure switch, valve, pipeline, etc. It provides a source of compressed air during oral treatment operations.
UM-1920 Suitable For 20 Dental Chairs
UM-1920 Suitable For 20 Dental Chairs
The difference between UM-1920 and UM-1930 is that UM-1920 drives 20 dental chairs to work,and the current and power are less.

Advantage of UMG Air Compressor

Dental compressed air must completely avoid oil or solid particles pollution, because these impurities will reduce the service life of high-quality dental materials and malfunction of precision equipment. UMG's air compressor equipped with a dryer can ensure a stable dryness, and at the same time, the performance without regeneration time can also ensure continuous operation without pause. Air polluted by moisture, oil and small particles is not suitable for dental treatment. The lower pressure of UMG air compressor ensures high-quality, odorless and tasteless compressed air.

FAQS of UMG Air Compressor

FAQS of UMG Air Compressor

  • Application Status Of Oral Compressed Air Equipment

    At present, dental chairs are equipped with such as: 1-4 dental clinics and 4-7 dental clinics. The commonly used compressed air equipment is piston air compressor; the commonly used compressed air equipment in dental hospitals of a certain scale is oil-free screw compressor (Water lubricated screw machine) or frame type multi-head piston machine.

  • What Should I Do If The Pressure Of The Air Compressor Does Not Rise?

    1. Check whether the pipeline is leaking

    2. Is there an increase in air supply?

    3, the machine head is aging or malfunctioning

    4. Is the air filter blocked?

    5. Is the joint between the nose and the air compressor tank leaking?

    6. Is there any problem with the pressure switch?

  • Maintenance Of Air Compressor

    1. Daily maintenance: clean up dust, record the time of refueling and shutting down, add water to the air compressor tank, and check if there is any abnormal noise.

    2.Monthly maintenance: Check whether the pipeline is leaking, focusing on the metal hose and solenoid valve.

    3. Maintenance every year: Tighten the screw in the distribution box; replace the filter element of the air compressor inlet, and check the automatic drainage pipeline of the refrigerated dryer.

    4. Mid-to-late maintenance (2 years): Replace the automatic drainage pipe of the refrigeration dryer; check and replace the metal hose.

  • How To Choose An Oil-free Silent Air Compressor?

    For air compressors in the dental industry, stability is the most important factor. At the same time, dental compressed air must be clean and hygienic. Therefore, it is best to use oil-free air compressors. Equipment that does not meet the requirements will threaten the life safety of patients and the service life of high-quality medical equipment. The air compressor used in dentistry also has corresponding standards and certifications. Pay attention to it when purchasing.

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