Skull Model

In order to better understand the relationship between the oral cavity and the skull related to the oral cavity, the skull and the oral tooth structure are combined to make a human skull simulation model to more comprehensively observe the relationship and structure between the oral cavity and the skull. The simulation design, with a structure similar to the human body, can more highlight the structural state of the tooth model.

UM-F7 Model of Human Shull(plastic Pvc)
UM-F7 Model of Human Shull(plastic Pvc)
This teaching headform UM-F7 Model of human shull(plastic pvc) is a skull model (three parts). It can be divided into three parts, in which the buccal side of the mandible leaks out, and the internal structure, root, nerve and mandibular tissue can be seen clearly.
UM-F9 Human Skull Reconstucted Model(divided in to 10 Parts)
UM-F9 Human Skull Reconstucted Model(divided in to 10 Parts)
This model UM-F9 Human skull reconstucted model(divided in to 10 parts) is a ten part skull reproduction model made of imported resin material. It can be divided into 10 parts.

The Advantages of Skull Model

  1. The simulated skull model is more realistic

  2. Skull model and tooth model can better understand the structural relationship between oral cavity and skull

  3. The tooth model is more comprehensive, and the whole maxillary and mandibular model can be observed

  4. The connection between each part of the tooth and the nerve structure and the skull can be seen more intuitively

Faq’s of Skull Model

Faq’s of Skull Model

  • Where Are the Skull Model Used

    Skull model is mainly used in the field of oral teaching. The structure of koguchi is more comprehensive. The capsule buckles all the structures of the upper and lower jaw of the mouth, including the nerves, pulp, root and other conditions inside, which is more clear.

  • Why Choose the Umg Brand Skull Model

    Our company UMG Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd is a professional dental teaching and dental model company. Since its establishment, we have carried out close cooperation with all countries, and customers are very satisfied with our product quality and service level. Our head molds are made of imported resin materials with good quality. We take human head molds for sampling to make realistic head molds for customers to use. Customers can choose their own products according to their needs.

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