UM-C7 Primary Teeth Single Color

This tooth model UM-C7 Primary teeth single color is a deciduous tooth model, it has a total of 20 teeth, showing the state of planing, whole teeth exposed, you can observe the shape of teeth from all angles. The teeth show natural color, which is consistent with the size of the real teeth. The model is sealed and packed with plastic box and sponge to ensure the teeth are not damaged and clean.

The Details of UM-C7 Primary Teeth Single Color

The Specifications of UM-C7 Primary Teeth Single Color

1. This tooth model is a deciduous tooth model, which consists of 20 deciduous teeth

2. The single tooth of tooth model is natural color, which is more realistic

3. The dental model is made of high-quality resin with good quality

4. The outside of the dental model is packed in plastic box to prevent damage

Hardware Parameters of UM-C7 Primary Teeth Single Color

Product Name

Primary teeth single color







Country of origin


Scope of application

Dental school and training institutions

Quality guarantee period

1 year


Nature color

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