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Why Should Dentists Choose Medical Oilless Air Compressors?

Ⅰ. What are the benefits of medical oilless compressors before use?

Dental air compressors must be clean, oil-free and dry, because oily or humid air not only harms the health of patients, but also affects the performance of dental equipment (gas lines, valves, and handpieces);

Oilless air compressors can also improve the effect of dental treatment, such as the use of oil-containing air compressors for dental treatment, because the oil film can weaken the adhesion of fillings or adhesives.

Ⅱ. The advantages of medical oilless air compressors

1. The compressor is optionally equipped with a dryer, so as to meet your ideal working air source requirements for dental equipment.

2. Advantages: Perfect system design and main components are made of oil-free nano-coating materials.

3. Coupled with the multi-layer airtight structure, an oilless air compressor with large gas production and a service life of more than 8000 hours has been achieved.

The main points of high-quality gas storage tanks: The design and manufacturing inspection of gas storage tanks conforms to GB150 "Steel Pressure Vessels", all of which have passed the supervision and inspection of the national special equipment testing agency, and are accompanied by a supervision and inspection certificate issued by the special equipment testing agency.

4. The inner surface of the air storage tank is treated with a strict anti-rust process of spray coating to ensure that the oilless air compressor is clean, oil-free and dry.

The material of the medical oilless compressor itself does not contain oily substances, and there is no need to add any lubricating oil during operation, so the quality of the discharged air is greatly improved, and the safety of the supporting equipment required by the user is also guaranteed.

Unlike the oil-based air compressor, the exhaust gas contains a large amount of oil molecules, which will bring different degrees of corrosion to the equipment provided by the user. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an oil-free silent air compressor to ensure air quality.

After the air filter device is configured, the air quality should reach the international standard value. The industry standard stipulates that the noise of the medical oilless air compressor should be controlled within 60 decibels to ensure that the experimental operators are in a relatively quiet working environment. A laboratory air compressor of around 50 decibels.

As pressure equipment, air compressors must meet the requirements in terms of safety, and must pass relevant national certifications, such as ISO9001, pressure vessel certification, and international CE certification.

The oilless air compressor is of course the simpler and lighter the operation, the better.

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