UM-XML1 Dental Loupes with LED Light 2.5X

Our company has researched and produced specialized surgical magnifying glass and lamp holder series products for dental doctors to use by thousands of doctors at home and abroad to obtain the consistent high praise of dental doctors. At present, the products have been widely used in dental, general surgery, plastic surgery, neurology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology and other surgical operations, as well as electronic industry, precision manufacturing, textile industry and other industrial fields.

Parameter of UM-XML1 Dental Loupes with LED Light 2.5X

working distance

320 - 450 mm

Depth of Focus





blue, black, gray

The Characteristics Of UM-XML1 Dental Loupes with LED Light 2.5X

  • The optical structure is carefully processed, and the built-in single extinction device has high penetration rate to reduce light loss and restore a clear and true field of vision

  • High permeability glass lens, professional anti-reflection coating technology to increase the light transmittance

  • Adjustable nose rest, adjustable size to meet the needs of different nose types

  • Upgrade the frame, wear stable and comfortable, radian fit the face shape

Notice of UM-XML1 Dental Loupes with LED Light 2.5X

  • The optical axis of the loupes had been measured fixed The user does not need to adjust

  • Disinfection cleaning this product shall not use high temperature And pressure or corrosive disinfectant, you will be suggested to use Soap and water to wash rinse with water, surface disinfectant and \ Finally dry

  • Eyepiece lens should pay attention to protection, to prevent scratches, collision

  • The user who uses it first time, need to go through a period of time to adapt, familiar with the use of the loups to adapt your work

  • In the use of adjustment process, do not force too much

  • A doctor who has not used a root canal microscope or a loupes, can be flexible use of it after a period of adaptation

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