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UM-XM2 Dental Loupes 3.5X

UM-XM2 3.5x dental loupes is a new generation of medical oral magnifier with LED headlight, multi-layer coating, adjustable nose holder fitting type frame for high light transmittance and clearer field of vision.

The Characteristics Of UM-XM2 Dental Loupes 3.5X

  • Large field of view and fast positioning

  • Long depth of field and high resolution

  • High end optical design

  • The lens is coated with multilayer antireflection film

  • Bidirectional adjustment of pupil distance is more convenient

  • The left and right cylinder can be fine-tuned for easier focusing

  • The frame is made of light material

  • The joint adjustment mode is flexible and stable and does not move

Parameter of UM-XM2 Dental Loupes 3.5X

working distance

300 - 420 mm

Depth of Focus





blue, black, gray

UM-XM2 Dental Loupes 3.5X

Steps Of Adjust And Wear Your Loupes

  • the inner nose pad does not need to be adjusted can be adapted to any user, convenient and comfortable

  • Interpupillary Adjustment, This adjustment is controlled by turning the interpupillary adjustment knob back and forth, until the image Converges into a circle

  • Adjust the hinge mechanism so that the optics are angled approximately 30 to 45 degrees below a horizontal line This will allow for the user to look down into the optics while Working, keeping an upright posture

  • Fit on the sideshields from the tail of frame, the side shields can block off the blood

  • There is two hole on hinge, if lens is short, we will fix lens On the back hole; if lens is long, we will fix lens on the front Hole to avoid the ocular touch the glass

  • The dentist magnifying glasses have a preset working distance, Be sure to position Yourself back and forth to find the optional distance for your focusing, adjusting head- band to wear them comfortable.

  • When you do not use the eyepiece, you can turn the eyepiece up

  • to the line of sight

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