UM-XM1 Dental Loupes 2.5X

In the field of medicine, the birth of dental loupes has increased the clarity of the vision of dentists, reduce eye fatigue of oral doctors. At present, the product has been widely used in dentistry, general surgery, plastic surgery, neurology, ophthalmology and other operations, as well as electronic industry, precision manufacturing, textile industry and other fields.

Specification of UM-XM1 Dental Loupes 2.5X

Glasses magnifying glass

The magnifier is designed with high-end optics and can magnify up to 2.5x;· The lenses are all multilayer anti-reflection film, with a field of view up to 90MM, longer depth of field and higher resolution; The left and right mirror cylinder is fine-tuned to make focusing easier and positioning faster. The pupil distance can be adjusted in both directions. The working distance is 33MM minimum and 42MM maximum. Light material frame, wear more stable, light.

Parameter Of  UM-XM1 Dental Loupes 2.5X

working distance

320 - 450 mm

Depth of Focus





blue, black, gray

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