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UM-LZ304 Resin Teeth Tray Polymerizer (Curing Bath)

At present, domestic denture factories mainly use gas or electric heating to heat the wax washing container to 100℃, and put the mold box into it for 10 minutes.Take out the box with pliers, and rinse the wax chamber inside the box with boiling water.The operation is not convenient, the volume of boiling water demand is large, resulting in a waste of resources, and there are certain safety risks, a careless water pressure is too large, the impact of the water makes the water bounce splashed on the operator may lead to different degrees of scald. As one of the professional dental lab equipment suppliers, our equipment is equipped with automatic temperature control, automatic wax removal and cleaning time setting, and automatic spray mode of fan-shaped water curtain, which completely surpasses manual cleaning, saves time and effort, and is safe and reliable.

Advantage Of UM-LZ304 Curing Bath

1. Large space for wax cooking, fan-shaped design of wax washing water, sufficient and adjustable

2. Anti-dry burning function, automatic power off in the state of water shortage

3. Automatic water supply function, connect the water pipe to the faucet, the machine will automatically supply water when the power is switched on, and automatically close the water supply when the set water level is reached

4. Delay heating. This kind of machine has a long heating time. In order to improve work efficiency, delay heating can be set and the water can be heated in advance before work

5. With casters, it is convenient to move

Parameter Of UM-LZ304 Resin Teeth Tray Polymerizer (Curing Bath)

Voltage: 220 v

Rated power: 4200W

Rated current: 20A

Wax pool size: 590mm*460mm*500mm

Wax tray size: 500mm*420mm

Machine size: 1200mm*600mm*940mm

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