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JT-08 Manual Centrifugal Casting Machine

Manual centrifugal casting machine is a common technical equipment in prosthodontics department. It no longer needs crucible when casting, but can directly put the alloy material into the cavity of the casting mold after melting, and quickly turn the crank by hand to complete the casting through centrifugal force, so as to obtain all kinds of brackets, inclusions, crown and bridge castings.

What Happens To The Impurities In The Centrifugal Casting Method?

The steps of the dental centrifugal casting machine starts with molten metal poured into the preheated, spinning die. The molten metal is poured into the mold while the mold is spinning. What is unique is that the high force in the centrifugal process enables to effectively isolate less dense substances in the casting's bore area. Then these impurities are removed away, and leave a defect free part.

Features of JT-08 Manual Centrifugal Casting Machine

1. Ideal for oral restorations production, reliable, easy operation.
2. Easily handles most alloys with high melting-points that are used by dentists.
3. Cast denture frames, inlays, and crown bridges with ease!  
4. Features a heavy duty spring and an adjustable balance mechanism and comes with 3 cradles and a pair of tongs.

Specifications of JT-08 Manual Centrifugal Casting Machine

Product size:


Packing size:




Maximum rotation diameter:


Maximum spring torque:


Maximum eccentric weight:


Maximum mold diameter:


The Details Of JT-08 Manual Centrifugal Casting Machine 

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