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JT-60 Polishing Machine

The unit is used for polishing castings in dental laboratories, e.g., alloys (Co-Cr, Ni-Cr) stainless steel, flexible dentures,bridges and porcelain teeth.

Dental Laboratory Polishing Lathe features low noise, high rotational speed, easy operations, long working hours, and it is equipped with a safety dust collector hood which can be connected to a dust collector for dust-free operations.

Instructions of JT-60 Polishing Machine

This is a quiet polishing machine with high torque and speed. Support all kinds of polishing in denture precessing. The special all aluminum motor with 1400/2800 rpm. Support continuous work. There are rail throwing sleeve and φ0.5-6 drill chuck (optional) on both sides of the motor which can meet various polishing requirements. Above the both sides of the movable dust collecting box there equipped with bright, energy saving and durable LED area lighting and tempered glass dust board. The polish is safer and more convenient with the special damping hinge. The overall machine is equipped with built-in suction pipe which meets the greens environmental protection requirements after accessing the external phase suction system. It is more

Structure of JT-60 Polishing Machine


Parameter of JT-60 Polishing Machine




220V/50Hz±10%, 110V/60Hz±10%



Max speed






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