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UM-D15 Tooth Carving Procedure

Our dental model UM-D15 Tooth carving procedure is a dental carving model. It is divided into 32 teeth. The teeth are made of high-quality resin. The plaster is made of silicone rubber. This tooth model is similar to our UM-D10 tooth carving model, but this tooth model has 16 complete single teeth. The outer package is packed in a customized box, and the inside is fixed with sponge, which reduces the impact on teeth and protects the model from damage.

The Details of UM-D15 Tooth Carving Procedure

The Specifications of UM-D15 Tooth Carving Procedure

1. This model is a sequential model of tooth carving

2. This model can be used for users to practice the sequence of tooth carving and tooth polishing

3. This dental model is also equipped with 16 complete teeth for observation and learning

4. The outer box of this dental model is packed with a customized box, which reduces the vibration and protects the product

Hardware Parameters of UM-D15 Tooth Carving Procedure

Product Name

Tooth carving procedure






Resin, silicon rubber

Country of origin


Scope of application

Dental areas

Quality guarantee period

1 year


It is convenient for users to practice tooth carving and polishing

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