UM-D10 Crow Carving Procedure Model

Our dental model UM-D10 Crow carving procedure model is used to practice the carving sequence of crowns. The model consists of 32 tooth positions, each tooth position is divided into 8 steps, which is used to guide the user to cut and carve the tooth position, gradually form the tooth shape, and finally retouch the tooth to show the morphological and anatomical characteristics of each tooth position. The teeth are made of imported resin, and the gypsum strip inner mold is made of silicone rubber, which is convenient for carving.

The Details of UM-D10 Crow Carving Procedure Model

The Specifications of UM-D10 Crow Carving Procedure Model

1. There are 32 teeth in the dental model, which is divided into 8 steps

2. The teeth of the dental model are made of resin, and the plaster cast is made of silicone rubber

3. Through carving, we can have a deeper understanding of the planing shape of tooth position and have a deep memory

Hardware Parameters of UM-D10 Crow Carving Procedure Model

Product Name

Crow carving procedure model






silicone rubber, resin

Country of origin


Scope of application

Dental areas and training parts

Quality guarantee period

1 year


Use to Carving

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