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UM-2020-2 Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot

UV disinfection robot is a kind of efficient and environmental protection disinfection product. As the most effective disinfection method for COVID-19 initiated by the government, it has obvious advantages of high efficiency, broad spectrum, thoroughness, no drug resistance and no secondary pollution. It can be used in hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, subway cars, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools and other places.

Product Functions of UM-2020-2 Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot

1.Intelligent obstacle avoidance

2.autonomous navigation

3.Automatic charging

4.Cloud data

5.Intelligent terminal

6.Background data management

Advantages of UM-2020-2 Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot

1. Custom working hours

Automatic opening and disinfection at the specified time;

2. Super long endurance

The endurance of the whole machine is about three hours;

3. Automatic return charging

If the battery is too low, it will return to charge automatically;

4.Multimode indoor unmanned driving technology

VSLAM + laser slam is flexible and stable;

5. Global original remote portable deployment capability

Remote automatic deployment, convenient and efficient;

6. Automatic elevator ride (scalable)

It can be linked with the elevator control system, cross floor work, more worry-free.

Parameters of UM-2020-2 Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot

Moving mode

Independent path planning (covering an area of 25000 cranes)

Moving speed

0.2 ~ 0.8m/s(recommended operating speed is 0.4m / s)

Disinfection efficiency

Disinfect 1000m3 in 15 minutes

working hours

3-4 hours at full power (self charging, unlimited endurance)

Spray particle size


Spray rate


Applicable media

Hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid

Disinfection level

Effective disinfection, up to 6-log level

Volume of water tank


Details of UM-2020-2 Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot

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