UM-2A Portable UV Sterilizing Lamp

UV Room Sterilizer disinfects approximately up to 30 square meters room area. There are numerous safety features bulit with a 0-120mins timer. UV Room Sterilizer has numerous applications not just for hospitals but can be used in schools,play areas,hotels,clinics,homes,cinemas, buildings,food manufacturing companies and offices. it quickly and effectively provide disinfection of all surfaces and air within minutes. UV Room Sterilizer is laboratory tested ,used by hospitals and recommended by doctors.

Usage And Maintenance Parameters of UM-2A Portable UV Sterilizing Lamp

Power supply voltage

220V 50HZ

Ultraviolet lamp tube power


Ultraviolet radiation wavelength


Ultraviolet radiation

>100 uw/CM2

Automatic control of disinfection time

0-120 minutes

Usage of UM-2A Portable UV Sterilizing Lamp

1. Open the protective door, take out the lamp arm, and slowly lift it to the required height, generally at an Angle of 90 degrees from the ground.

2. Turn on the timer clockwise and set the disinfection time for 30-45 minutes.

3, plug in the power, open the switch, sterilization work, personnel leave the scene, set up a disinfection label.

4. After disinfection, turn off the starting switch, unplug the plug, hold the lamp arm by hand, press the lamp wall adjustment button, lower the lamp arm and close the protective door.

Disinfect Area And Time


Disinfection area






Single 30w tube

30 ㎡

35 ㎡

35 ㎡

35 ㎡

Double 30w tube

50 ㎡

65 ㎡

65 ㎡

70 ㎡

Details of UM-2A Portable UV Sterilizing Lamp

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