Sharpening Stone

A tool used to sharpen the edge of an instrument to restore sharpness

Product name: Sharpening stone

Product Specification of Sharpening Stone


Model:1#-round  2#- Trapeziform  3#-Rectangle

Operation Method of Sharpening Stone

1. Stick the edge surface to the grindstone surface. If the edge surface is flat, move the grindstone or mobile device back and forth, depending on which method you are used to. If the grinding edge surface is curved, it is necessary to swing the grindstone correspondingly when moving the grindstone reciprocately so that the whole edge surface can be polished.

2, the circular grindstone close to the concave camber surface of the grinding equipment, and then reciprocating move the grindstone or equipment, grinding until the edge of the bright edges disappear or basically disappear

Product Storage of Sharpening Stone

When not in use, put the stone in a thinner oil, such as sewing machine oil, which will make the stone durable, and keep a relatively sharp

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