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Haemostatic Forceps

It is composed of a clamp beak, joint and clamp handle, the head has lip head teeth, the tail is the finger ring, the middle is connected and fixed with rivets after piercing the gills, and the locking teeth between the two finger rings plays a clamping and fixing role. Reusable.

Product usage

Used for gripping blood vessels and tissues in human body to stop bleeding.

Model of Haemostatic Forceps


Haemostatic Forceps 12.5cm Straight


Haemostatic Forceps 12.5cm Curved


Haemostatic Forceps 14cm Straight


Haemostatic Forceps 14cm Curved


Haemostatic Forceps 16cm Straight


Haemostatic Forceps 16cm Curved


Haemostatic Forceps 18cm Straight


Haemostatic Forceps 18cm Curved


Haemostatic Forceps 22cm Straight

Product Instruction of Haemostatic Forceps

The hemostatic forceps are made of 2Cr13 material specified in GB/T1220. The surface of the product is passivated without chrome plating. The product has good elasticity and fastness, open and close should be flexible, the product should be symmetrical, the appearance of no edge, burr, crack, the product has good corrosion resistance.

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