Metal Crown Scissors

Scissors made of stainless steel with ring handles. Non-sterile.

Product Specification of Metal Crown Scissors

straight tip 11cm  

curved tip 11cm

Product Specification

Product Usage of Metal Crown Scissors

For cutting oral tissue or prosthesis during dental surgery

Product Performance Structure And Composition of Metal Crown Scissors

The products are made of the materials specified in YY/T0176-2006

Main Technical Indicators of Metal Crown Scissors

Scissors cut should be sharp; Scissor screw should be firmly fixed on the left plate, when closed or opened the screw should not follow; The cutting edge of the scissors should not break, and there should be no biting or sticking phenomenon when it is closed or opened. Scissors open and close should be flexible; The cutting edge contact point is not less than two-thirds of the length of the cutting edge from the head end; Scissors shall have good corrosion resistance.

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