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JT-25 Rotable Gas Light

Dental gas burner, its flame can be used to heat and sterilize dental equipment, microbiology and other equipment, can also be used to remove burrs, polish molded plastics and clean rubber parts.

Specifications of JT-25 Rotable Gas Light

1, It can rotate 30 degree freely from left or right. It works well both for left-handed and right-handed
2,Kindling Tube and Working Tube work separately . They both have their own controlling system .It make this gas light save energy .and with single-tube and double-tube function
3,Distinguished controlling system ensures the gas light never leak gas during working

Use steps of JT-25 Rotable Gas Light

1. Open the Windows of the laboratory to keep the air flowing.

2. Connect the Bunsen burner hose to the gas pipe and place it on the fire board.

3. First close the air hole of the lamp foot and light the match on the air outlet.

4. Turn on the gas button and light the lamp. The flame is orange.

5. Open the air hole to let fresh air enter, the flame turns blue and the temperature becomes high.

6. After use, close the air hole and then turn off the gas valve.

7. Pull Bunsen burner out of trachea.

Rotatable Gas Lights Technical Data

Package Weight

0.52kg (1.15lb.)

Package Size

13cm x 7cm x 13cm (5.12in x 2.76in x 5.12in)

Gross Weight


Qty per Master Carton

40 pcs/ctn

Producing countries



CE Approved    ISO9001:2000 Approved

The Structure Of Rotatable Gas Lights


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