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JT-09 Dental Visualizer

The Dental Visualizer is mainly used for model design in the dental lab of dental department. It is simple to operate, convenient to use and strong applicability.

A good removable partial denture needs to be obtained through complex procedures according to the principle and requirements of the repair.Using Dental Visualizer to analyze and design the model of tooth loss, the position of the denture can be obtained more accurately, so that the design of the dentist can be realized, and the effect of the restoration of tooth loss can be improved.

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Instructions For Use of JT-09 Dental Visualizer

This is a model observation instrument with a precise mechanism and a wide range of uses.

The lifting rod is equipped with a clamping block, which can support the installation of a mechanic grinding machine.

The jaw seat is within the range of the circular low plate with a diameter of 150mm, which can be selected and retained at will.

The jaw part can be rotated 360 degrees and fixed arbitrarily,

The 7 randomly configured scribing needles of various types can meet the needs of technicians to the greatest extent.

Parameter of JT-09 Dental Visualizer

Packing size: 33*24*11cm

Gross weight: 3.7kg

Details of JT-09 Dental Visualizer

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