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General Orthodontic Kit

When we wear braces, the dentist will give us a small box containing an orthodontic toothbrush, oral lens, orthodontic wax, interdental brush, etc., for future care of the teeth. This thing is the orthodontic set

What Is An Orthodontic Kit?

Orthodontic set is designed for orthodontic people with oral care set, can be a good dental care during orthodontic period, orthodontic appliance.

Use Of Each Product In The Orthodontic Kit

  • Toothbrush -- the design of the small convex head is more suitable for the teeth, and it is convenient to brush the parts in the mouth that are difficult to brush at ordinary times

  • Interdental Brush -- Hard to clean areas really need a toothbrush to clean

  • Orthodontic wax -- Apply a piece of wax to the area where the mouth is fastened or rubbed, which can prevent lacerating the inner wall of the mouth and reduce the occurrence of oral ulcers

  • Oral mirror -- easy to observe the situation in the mouth

  • Floss -- for better cleaning of gaps between teeth

  • Hourglass -- It's easy to time your teeth

  • Folding toothbrush -- it's small and easy to carry

  • Threading device -- better drives the floss through the space between the arch wire and the teeth

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