Interdental Brush

Interdental Brush, also known as interdental brush or interdental brush, looks like a small scrub bottle. It is a single bundle of brushes. There are many different shapes and models to choose from. Smaller interdental brushes are usually inserted. The upper handle is easy to hold and use. Interdental brush is a small toothbrush specially designed to clean the interdental space (which can not be reached by ordinary toothbrushes)

The Use Of Toothed Brush

The interdental brush is shaped like a small brush bottle. It is a single bundle of bristles. There are many shapes and models of different sizes to choose from. The smaller interdental brush is usually inserted with a handle for easy holding. An interdental brush is used to remove plaque that is difficult to self-clean between teeth and between teeth. It can also be used to clean orthodontics, fixed prostheses, implants, periodontal splints, gap retainers and other areas that are difficult to reach with regular toothbrushes.

Precautions When Using Interdental Brush For Cleaning

  • Do not force through the gap between the teeth and the arch wire

  • action must be gentle and careful.

  • carefully brush each side of the bracket, do not omit

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