Dental Orthodontic Bracket

Bracket is an important part of fixed orthodontic technology. It is directly bonded to the surface of the crown with an adhesive, and the arch wire passes through the bracket to apply various types of orthodontic force to the tooth. The bracket is made of stainless steel, bioceramics or composite resin. Its main function is to fix the arch wire, so that the arch wire can better play its role and transmit the corrective force, so as to control the three-dimensional movement of the teeth to achieve the purpose of orthodontic treatment.

Classification Of Brackets

Common brackets fall into the following categories

  • Metal bracket -- a common "small steel teeth" in daily life

  • Ceramic brackets -- its color and tooth color are similar, can meet the aesthetic requirements of patients and more durable and not easy to deform, is the ideal brackets for adult orthodontics.

  • Self-locking brackets -- The self-locking orthodontic brackets are easier to operate than the traditional brackets and free from binding of the ligating wire or rubber band to the orthodontic wire

  • Invisible orthodontics without brackets --3D three-dimensional computer technology, tailored a series of almost imperceptible transparent brackets, completely invisible, in others without noticing the completion of dental correction

What You Need To Know After You Put The Bracket On

  • Clean teeth carefully, brush teeth gently and slowly, 3-5 minutes each time, because it is easy to brush off the brackets;Brush every surface of the teeth. If not brushed, bacteria will multiply, leading to inflammation and swelling of the gums, bleeding, bad breath and cavities.

  • Diet needs to pay attention to hard food, food with nucleus, sticky food may fall off or stick down the bracket

Special Remind of Dental Orthodontic Bracket

Orthodontic appliance just put on the teeth will have some pain, about 2-7 days, oral mucous membrane may be worn, the above is normal phenomenon do not need to be nervous, can use orthodontic protective wax paste grinding mouth position to relieve symptoms.

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