Dental Composite Kit

A filler-reinforced polymer-based composite material is a heterogeneous phase mixture composed of an organic resin matrix, an inorganic filler, and an initiating system.

Specification of Dental Composite Kit

5 Syringes (4.5 g);

1 Flowable composite (3.0g);

1 Bonding agent(5 ml);

1 Gel Etchant (3g);

5 Tips for Flowable composite;

10 Gel Etchant Syringe Tips;

50 Applicator Tips.

Feature of Dental Composite Kit

  • Average grain diameter of filling is 0.6um,filling ratio up to 79.2%


  • Extremely low polymerization shrinkage(2.2%)

  • Anti-attrition ability is greatly strengthened.

  • Extremely high physical mechanical strength.

  • Not sticky to the instruments.

  • The extremely good esthetics effect, the natural colors are stable.

  • Suitable for clinical use with bonding agent of dentin and enamel.

  • Suitable fills in all rank nest holes.

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