Impression Tray

U880 Material:ABS Disposable impression trays, uniquely design, sturdy and durable plastic, Special impression materials tapping hole can prevent d-molding. Smooth surface for the best comfort to the patient. 1-9 marks on the handle of the trays, convenient for choice.

Feature of Impression Tray

1. Good stability

2. Best flexibility

3. Excellent Hydrophilic

4. Long term storage

5. Best recovery

Specification of Impression Tray


10pcs/bag, 10bags/ctn




01~Large upper; 02~Large Lower;

03~Medium upper;

04~medium lower;

05~Small upper; 06~Small lower;

07~upper left,lower right;

08~upper right,lower left;

09~upper anterior; 10~lower anterior;

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