Dental Mouth Gag

Rubber dam is a Structures appearance of rubber gate; it can let patients easily open their mouth more convenient in the surgical. It can make lips and cheek shrinks in dental surgery. And give doctor more field vision. Let operation more flexible. In addition, during the operation, the equipment can prevent saliva outflow.

Feature of Dental Mouth Gag

  1. Good flexibility

  2. When using, mouth can free move in all directions. Effectively protect for doctor-patient both sides.

  3. Has three models: large, medium and small for 5-10 years old Children

  4. Protects the patient from swallowing any debris such as the removal of amalgam, old porcelain, and composite.

  5. Increases the efficiency, productivity and reduces the time required for treatment.

  6. Sterile control treated in isolation effective control of the infection.

  7. Protect patients respiratory tract.

  8. Protect oral soft tissue (lip and tongue).

  9. Improve patient comfort levels, reduce patient fear.

Specification of Dental Mouth Gag


100%Nature Rubber


Blue, White



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