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Dental Chair Daily Maintenance Tips

The dental chair is one of the commonly used equipment in the dental clinic. A dental chair usually integrates water, gas, and electricity, so routine dental chair maintenance is particularly important for the dental chair to prolong its service life, keep the integrity of accessories, and detect equipment failures in early time. This article will introduce in detail the dental chair maintenance methods and steps. 

Notice Before Using Dental Surgery Chair

Before using the dental treatment chair every day, pre-flush the pipes to ensure that the water, gas, electricity, and negative pressure required for the treatment are ready, so as to provide protection for the treatment.

  1. Put on gloves, pick up the handpiece pipe, turn on the cooling water switch on the dash straight plate;

  2. Place the handpiece pipe above the spittoon; 

  3. Step the pedal to increase the air pressure from the left to right, and hold for at least 10 seconds;

  4. Make sure that the water and gas are sprayed smoothly from the quick connector on the handpiece pipe.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 for other handpiece pipes in turn; press the automatic chair position and spittoon water outlet buttons to ensure that the dental chair is lifted and the spittoon water is normal.

Cleaning the Dental Chair After Each Treatment

The dental chair should be cleaned and disinfected in time after the treatment, to prevent the virus from spreading to patients and medical staff through the air, water, touch, etc. The steps are as follows:

  • Wear gloves, wash the silicone pad under running water, and then wipe the dental chair with a rag dipped in disinfectant;

  • Rinse the tray with running water, and then wipe it with a rag dipped in disinfectant; 

  • Suck a glass of water at the strong and weak parts, and wash the pipeline;

  • Press the water outlet button, rinse the spittoon until there is no obvious stain, and wipe the spittoon and its surroundings with a rag dipped in disinfectant; 

  • Wipe the head back, backrest, armrest, seat cushion, instrument panel, auxiliary panel, operating light, and nozzle head in turn.

Disinfect the Dental Chair after Getting off Work Every Day

Clean and disinfect all pipes and lines of the dental chair mounted unit before getting off work to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria and ensure a safe working environment. 

  • Rinse the strong and weak pipette heads with running water and sterilize at a high temperature; 

  • Wipe the strong and weak pipettes in turn with a rag dipped in disinfectant;

  • Wipe all handpiece pipes in turn with a rag dipped in disinfectant; 

  • Take out the strong and weak suction filters, rinse the dental chair with running water, and put it back in place; 

  • Take out the spittoon filter, wash it under clean water, and put it back in place after cleaning.

Clean the Dental Chair Weekly

  • Regularly clean the sewer pipe of the spittoon to keep the sewer open at all times to prevent the growth of germs;

  • Put on gloves, take out the sponge of the air tank at the bottom of the instrument panel, wring it out and put it back in place; Unplug the water outlet rod, open the water outlet cover, and check whether it needs to be wiped. If it needs to be wiped, wipe the dental chair with a rag dipped in disinfectant, and then put it back in place;

  • Unscrew the spittoon counterclockwise, pick up the sputum, and put it under running water to rinse the bottom of the spittoon until the bottom is clean; 

  • Hold the cloth stained with disinfectant with tweezers and wipe the spittoon holder; 

  • Put the sputum back clockwise.

Check the Dental Chair Monthly

Regularly check whether the relevant accessories are damaged or need to be cleaned, so as to detect equipment failures at an early time and prevent problems before they occur.  If you have any problems or questions about dental chair maintenance, contact the dental unit manufacturer directly.

  • Wear the gloves, remove the dental chair holder and check if the device holder needs to be wiped down;

  • If the holder needs to be wiped, wipe with a rag dipped in disinfectant and put it back in place; 

  • Open the back cover of the side box outwards and lift the garbage collection tank to check whether the touch switch is normal;

  • Remove waste collection tank and wash dental chair in running water; 

  • Return the waste collection tank back and install the side box back cover.

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