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UM-SCB Steam Cleaner

Dental Lab Equipment Digital Steam CleanerPurposeThis unit is for cleaning castings and instruments, removal of grease, sticky wax, pickling agents contaminants and adhesives

Description of UM-SCA Steam Cleaner

UM-SCB Steam Cleaner is the updated version of the UM-SCA Steam Cleaner. Users can use tap water instead of distilled water which reduces production costs. The boiler, casing, buttons, indicator lights, and internal parts are made of stainless steel which significantly increases its lifespan and reliability.This unit has both steam-qun-controlled and button-controlled steaming methods, it features low water.over-pressure, over-heat protection and forced heat function. It also has high heating power, quick steam generating power, high efficiency, strong and stable cleaning power.Automatic steam cleaner with a gun jet Stainless steel tank, key button, indicate light, spare part and outer casing Low water light indicator, over heat and pressure protection.

Automatic shut-off pump in case water supply is interrupted Boiler thermostat reset switch Heavy-duty adjustable feet 12-gauge heavy duty wiring one heating element Blow down valve Heating up time should be a maximum of 20-30minutes Direct connection to water line of tap water Unlimited hours of continuous steam

Technical Data of UM-SCA Steam Cleaner

Power Supply

220V/110V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption


Max. Pressure

6Bar (default)

Working Pressure


Water tank capacity


Water Injections



57cm x 38cm x 41cm (H WD)

Shipping Dimensions

63cm × 45cm × 49cm (H WD)



Parts Included of UM-SCA Steam Cleaner

Machine        *1
Manual          *1
Power Cord   *1
Self-lock Button   *1

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