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S2308 Dental Chair

Design products according to market demand, in order to meet the demand of clinical professional medical personnel and provide patients with wide comfortable seats as the goal, streamlined design accord with human body engineering, can automatically coordinated movement form elevation, cushion back feeling stronger.

Details Of Computerized Dental Comprehensive Treatment Chair

S2308 chair-mounted dental unit is suitable for the treatment and operation of oral disease. This is a fully computer-controlled system treatment equipment designed by our company according to ergonomics principle with complete function. As for its operation of the complete machine, its fully automatic operation is all controlled by the function key of the microcomputer. It is composed of a multifunction dental complex treatment unit, an electric dental chair, and a dentist chair. It adopts a low voltage DC motor and features with simple structure and convenient operation.


1. The head pillow can be freely adjusted up and down, back and forth
2. The machine and chair interlock to ensure safety.
3. The rotating main box and assistant tray provide more space for treatment.
4. The multifunctional footswitch is equipped with a control system on the instrument tray to operate easily.
5. It can be rotated by 90, and timing flushing and spittoon washing can be realized.
6. The ceramic spittoon, the device tray, and the main box body are convenient to clean.
7. Instrument tray has gas lock control, flexible movement, accurate positioning, easy to use.
8. The handle is equipped with a control system easy to operate.

Advantage of S2308 Dental Chair

1. Through the three-dimensional dynamic simulation design and the effective combination of ergonomics theory, the design is more humane;

2. Reply to clinical operation requirements design large instrument tray to provide the best working platform;

3.ISO13485, ISO9001 quality system certification effectively guarantee product quality.

Standard Accessories of S2308 Dental Chair

High-speed handpiece

2 pcs

Import air motor(straight & contrahead)

1 set

3-way syringe

2 pcs

Operating lamp

1 se

The clean water system, Automatic warm water & rinsing system

1 set

X-fim viewer

1 set

Motor-driven dental chain

1 pc

Clinic stool

1 set

Technical Parameters Of S2308 Dental Chair


AC220V. 50Hz





Packing Size Of S2308 Dental Chair




Dantal Unit



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