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UMG-V3 Computerized Dental Unit Chair

The perfect design of enables medical staff to complete four-hand operation with both hands, greatly improving the efficiency of the doctor and greatly improving the comfort of the patient.


High quality materials to enhance quality.

The whole dental chair adopts SMC medical-gradeimported water-air pipe, makes it more durableDouble water filtration; improve water quality, protect the valve; double pure water bottles; water source free switch, larger capacity

Cover all tubes

Disinfect to all watectubes, worry-free sensory controlIt can realize the disinfection of handpiece, 3 way syringe, cup filling-tube,and-strong&weak suction tubes

The Details of UMG-V3



Professional dental equipment manufacturing enterprises-to build-high-end dental chairs

Standard Accessories

Self-developed multifunctional pedal

Optimize the control angle and feedback strength, comfortable control, relaxing work Composite foot pedal with spitting position, oral tight, flush and water supply function, comfortable control ;  optimized-pedal-angle, and return force to improve efficiency

Reflected operation light•-3-ight source modes

Simple technology, sensor and button modes control mode White, yellow, and mixed light source to meet the needs of different treatment operations

Instrument tray

Focus on infection control -- Sterilizable & anti-smudge silicone pad

Humanized design -- Large holding space, 6-position hanging acks

Powerful function -- 1 key water-air-electric switch12 keys multi-functional control pane

More convenient operation-Equipped with professional doctor's chan.

Doctor's chair-The waist support design of the backrest fits and supports the waist, optimizes the curve of the cushion,-and-relieves the pressure on-the legs

Ultimate skin-friendly experience

PU leather cushion - -Durable seamless PU leather cushion

Comfortable backrest -- One-piece metat backrest brings calm and support -No obstruction to the doctor's legs, free access to the patient

Curved headrest -- Cuivilinear curvature to fit the head. Adjustable multi-joint angle for one-handed operation and easy -positioning

Soft start /stop -- Lightweight soft start-stop, significantly reducing the stuttering and back-rubbing sensation-during the-start-stop-process;  enhancing the patient's comfortable experience during the operation

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