UM-S03 1 Second Curing Light

UM-S03 light curing, one second curing 3 mm resin, 360 degree rotating irradiation, single bond mode.

Product Description of UM-S03 1 Second Curing Light

  • Environmentally-friendly white plastic shell

  • 10w high power led

  • 1 second curing

  • Large capacity lithium battery

  • Three working mode selection strong, gradually strong, flashing

  • Battery voltage: 3.7

  • Wavelength: 420-480nm

  • Illumination: >2000mW/cm2

  • Color: white

The Advantages Of UM-S03 1 Second Curing Light

  • Right-angle light guide rod --10W high-power LED lamp, unshaded lamp cup design, can be directly affixed to the teeth to light resin

  • Light intensity--the light is more powerful than 2000mW /cm², 90 degrees of right Angle irradiation, 360 degrees of rotation light source

  • Card sleeve -- stainless steel non-slip sleeve

  • Single button -- single button mode, simple and easy to operate can directly change the working mode

  • Special battery --2200 mA super-large capacity battery, special three-ring battery performance treatment

The Details Of UM-S03 1 Second Curing Light

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