UM-S02 Bright Aluminum Alloy Shell Curing Light

UM-S02 light curing, high power LED cold light, high brightness, pure blue light, solidify the curing effect, aluminum alloy matte shell, comfortable and non-skid, three working modes (strong light, fade, flicker) suitable for various curing requirements, let you do the curing work as you want, large capacity lithium battery long standby.

Product Description of UM-S02 Bright Aluminum Alloy Shell Curing Light

  • Bright aluminum alloy shell

  • 5w high power led

  • hig transparent glass fibers

  • three working mode selection strong, gradually strong, flashing

  • automatic standby, automatic shutdown

  • low battery warning

  • Ultra-high capacity lithium battery

  • For all brands of resin materials

  • Battery voltage: 3.7-4.2V

  • Wavelength: 420-480nm

  • Illumination: 1200-1500mw/cm2

  • color: gold, siliver, purple, black, blue, pink

The Advantages Of UM-S02 Bright Aluminum Alloy Shell Curing Light

  • Safety -- light curing baffle, using high-tech anti-blue light technology, to absorb and transform it, to achieve blue light obstruction, so as to effectively protect the health of the eyes

  • Good effect -- Blue light has strong penetration, high tooth fixation efficiency, stable teeth, and will not cause tooth damage

  • Convenient -- super large capacity lithium battery, super long standby, fully charged can be used for more than 500 times, farewell to the old wired light curing, more convenient operation

  • Quick efficiency -- high intensity brightness, pure blue light, improve the curing effect, curing time is short, work efficiency is greatly improved

The Details Of UM-S02 Bright Aluminum Alloy Shell Curing Light

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