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UM-M07 Variable Frequency Dental Suction Machine for 8-10 Dental Units

Brief Information of UM-M07 Variable Frequency for 8-10 Dental Units

Power: 2600 w

Vacuum: p - 20 kpa

Maximum suction volume: 2100L/min

Inlet pipe diameter: 50mm

Outlet pipe diameter: 63mm

Sewage pipe diameter: 20mm

Net/gross weight: 74/101kg

Product size: 785*650*755mm

Advantages and Characteristics of UM-M07 Variable Frequency for 8-10 Dental Units

  • Sensitive response: fast signal induction, strong suction, can quickly reach high negative pressure suction working state;

  • Easy to operate: reasonable product structure design, separation device and sewage device is easy to split and install, convenient for necessary cleaning and maintenance;

  • Novel structure: fashionable color matching, ergonomic structure design, reflects the fashion and smart of modern healthy life, showing healthy vitality;

  • High vacuum degree: equipped with advanced technology in the industry, strong suction force, stable suction force at work, providing efficient negative pressure protection;

  • Stable performance: long working life, and no maintenance costs later;

  • Easy maintenance: automatic induction design, automatic control motor start and stop, automatic sewage discharge;

  • Quiet and clean: ultra-low noise, new design, so that you can enjoy the technology to bring healthy life help;

  • Available areas: hospital dental, dental clinics and other dental operations to provide negative pressure suction power

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