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UM-M300 Dental Suction Unit

This mobile negative pressure dental suction machine is a mobile negative pressure suction machine that can be moved flexibly, has a novel shape and is easy to operate. The products are made of excellent materials, highlighting the high-end treatment quality. At the same time, the weight is very light, and it can be easily moved to any place that needs to be used, such as treatment between different chair positions. It is convenient to use in dental clinics and dental hospitals where it is inconvenient to lay pipes. The product is equipped with one strong and one weak saliva, which can meet the different needs of dental treatment. The bottom is equipped with special medical casters, which can make the suction machine move on any ground according to the needs of treatment. And there is a built-in sewage separation bucket, which can automatically discharge sewage. Just connect the trash can to the sewage pipe port and use it when it is electrified.

Brief Information of UM-M300 Dental Suction Unit

Name: Mobile Suction Machine.

Model: UM-M 300.

Main structure: It is composed of ring blowing, filtering, air-water separator, PCB, etc.

Scope of application: assist in the dental treatment process.

Parameters of UM-M300 Dental Suction Unit

Model NO.






Max.nagative pressure(Kpa)


Working noise(dB)




Gross weight(kg)




Working Principle of UM-M300 Dental Suction Unit

Regarding the ring blower: There are many blades on the edge of the impeller of the ring blower, which are specially designed for high-pressure air. When the impeller rotates, the air between the impellers is accelerated in the direction of the fan blades due to the rotational movement, and the air enters the outdoor air pool. Due to the effect of the pressure difference, it returns to the bottom of the fan blades and reciprocates several times to make the air spiral to increase the pressure. The air will be expelled quickly because when the air passes through the outlet, the pressure there is greater than the pressure in the system.

Regarding the mobile suction device: connect the correct power supply; suck up from the electrical control rack. The sputum suction device automatically starts to work, sucking foreign objects and secretions from the patient's mouth and sending them into the filter. The filter separates solid matter, dirty blood, secretions, etc. The dirty blood and secretions are stored in the sewage collector, and the solid matter is stored in the filter (please clean the filter regularly, and it is recommended to clean it once a week). In order to ensure that the clean air flow enters the ring fan and the impeller is not damaged by corrosion, once the cement soil is held to half of the sewage collector, the suction motor will stop working and cannot create a vacuum. Then, please manually drain all the dirt water and re-fix collection The inhalation device may start to work again. (There is a liquid level sensor control inside the sewage collector)

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