UM-D13 Morphology Of Metal Teeth

Our tooth model UM-D13 Morphology of metal teeth is a metal tooth in the form of planing. There are 28 teeth in a set. The teeth are made of high-quality metal, carefully carved, with realistic teeth texture and clear occlusion. It can be used for orthodontic training and tooth extraction practice. Because it's made of metal, it's relatively strong, so there won't be problems such as tooth cracking during the practice.

The Details of UM-D13 Morphology Of Metal Teeth

The Specifications of UM-D13 Morphology of Metal Teeth

1. Metal teeth, good quality, good occlusion

2. It can be used for tooth extraction and orthodontic training

3. A total of 28 teeth can be installed on the dental model, which is convenient for training

4. The tooth model is the tooth model of dissection shape, which is convenient for observation

Hardware Parameters of UM-D13 Morphology Of Metal Teeth

Product Name

Morphology of metal teeth







Country of origin


Scope of application

Dental school and training parts

Quality guarantee period

1 year


28pcs metal teeth,can be installed on the teeth model

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