UM-B8 Orthodontic Model (Ceramic Brackets)

Our orthodontic model UM-B8 Orthodontic model (ceramic brackets) uses all ceramic orthodontic brackets. This is different from UM-B7 and UM-B9. All ceramic brackets are white, so it's not obvious to stay on the teeth, and it doesn't affect the appearance. Compared with other types of orthodontic brackets, it's more popular. Moreover, it has the same effect as the traditional orthodontic brackets, and can play the role of invisible correction.

The Details of UM-B8 Orthodontic Model (ceramic brackets)

The Specifications of UM-B8 Orthodontic Model (ceramic brackets)

1. All ceramic orthodontic bracket, beautiful and generous

2. Invisible correction is popular

3. The teeth are realistic and firm, and can be practiced many times

4. The back of the dental model is fixed with screws for easy operation

Hardware Parameters

Product Name

Orthodontic model (ceramic brackets)






Resin,PVC plastic,ceramic

Country of origin




Scope of application

Dental areas, Orthodontic practice

Quality guarantee period

1 year

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