UM-B21 Transparent Dentition With Brackets

According to different brackets, our dental model UM-B21 Transparent Dentition with Brackets can be divided into three types: half metal ceramic bracket, all metal bracket and all ceramic bracket. These three orthodontic models show different orthodontic effects of different brackets, which is more intuitive. They are available in white, red and blue. Customers can choose the bracket type and color according to their needs.

UM-B21 Transparent Dentition With Brackets has types of CEREMIC BRACKETS, HALF METAL AND HALF CEREMIC, METAL BRACKETS for sale.

The Specifications of UM-B21 Transparent Dentition With Brackets

1. Transparent gum, you can see the growth of teeth

2. According to different brackets, they are divided into three types, and the correction effect is compared in many ways

3. The bracket is firm and not easy to fall off, and the quality is guaranteed

4. There are many kinds of colors, you can choose freely

Hardware Parameters Of UM-B21 Transparent Dentition With Brackets

Product Name

Transparent Dentition with Brackets






Resin,PVC plastic

Country of origin




Scope of application

Dental school,Dental hospital and training places

Quality guarantee period

1 year


Have three style and color to choose

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