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UM-B700 Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler

The Description of UM-B700 Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler

1. High-efficiency ultrasonic, high-power resonant tooth cleaning, with 2 million high-definition cameras, realizes visual tooth cleaning, and oral stains are clearly visible, and tooth dirt can be accurately cleaned.

2. The magnetic suspension high-speed motor produces high-frequency sound waves that oscillate in a wide range, forming a cleaning force with toothpaste foam for deep cleaning.

3. Buitl-in four-axis directional gyroscope, the camera's angle of view remains unchanged when the body rotates, and 360°accurate tooth cleaning, give you a safe and comfortable tooth cleaning experience.

4. The camera is equipped with macro processing technolohy and built-in multiple sensors, allowing to enjoy the 2 million high- definition pixel experience.

5. The high-definition mobile phone APP shows that it goes deep into the teeth to fully clean the dental calculus, there is nowhere to hide the dental plaque. It turns into a deep cleaning between the teeth.

6. It will work only when it touches teeth or hard objects, and it will automatically stop working when it touches gums or soft objects.

7. The head of the fuselage has a waterproof design and is highly waterproof. After cleaning the tartar, the lens can be washed to prevent the growth of bacteria.

The Parameter of UM-B700 Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler

Product name

Visible Dental Scaler


Stainless steel +ABS


gold, white, green


3 types, soft, comfort, strong

Usage time

Lasts about 120 minutes



Battery capacit


Charging time

About 2-3h

Working frequency


Standard accessory

handle, sharp tip, flat tip, wrench, USB line



The Accessories of UM-B700 Visual ultrasonic dental scaler


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