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Pf-I Air Prophy Polisher

Scope of application

Tooth Micropolisher is indicated for clearing off the splash and dental

plaque on the surface of teeth, and it can polish the teeth without

damaging the enamel of teeth.

The Features of Pf-I Air Prophy Polisher

1. The appearance is handsome and dexterous, and the structure is indiscrete.

2. Directly connecting to complex treatment unit, so it is very handy.

3. It is easy to replace the working head of Tooth Micropolisher. And it

can be sterilized in condition of vacuum with temperature of 121℃.

The Specifications of Pf-I Air Prophy Polisher

Tooth Micropolisher can be divided into two types according to

connection mode: A connector (two holes) and B connector (four holes).

Water pressure: 0.2MPa-0.4Mpa, Air pressure: 0.3MPa-0.4MPa

Water spraying amount of working head: ≥30ml/min

Sand blasting amount of working head: 2.4g-3.2g/min

About major technical parameter of sand blasting powder

Total amount of alkali (NaHCO3) %, 99-100.5

Amount of dry alkali % ≤, 0.20, PH value (10g/l) % ≤, 8.6

ontent of AS % ≤, 0.0001; Content of heavy metal(accounting in pb) % ≤, 0.0005

Content of ammonium salt, According to test; Clarity, According to test

Details of air Prophy polisher


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