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Gypsum Settling Basin

Nowadays, orthodontics has attracted more and more attention.During the manufacturing process of the dental appliance, the impression is taken from the patient's mouth and then placed in.

Fill gypsum, take out gypsum model, and then make braces, in the production of gypsum model and later processing process, can not avoid the production of mixed gypsum powder, and gypsum powder with water becomes a heavy body, if it is directly discharged, not only easy to cause the blockage of the sewer pipe, but also easy to cause environmental pollution. So this dental laboratory equipment for sale product is used to collect gypsum debris in the sink to prevent drainage blockage.

Intelligent Gypsum Precipitation Device (Gypsum Settling Basin)

Main functions:

1. Prevent pipeline blocking

2. Prevent pipeline from peculiar smell

3. disposable cleaning sediment

4. Collect sediments and debris effectively

5. Accord with environmental protection, sewage discharge standard

Parameters Of Gypsum Settling Basin







Out packing size


Total weight

4kg(include outer box)

Video Of Gypsum Settling Basin

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