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Pen Type Sand Blasting Machine

This unit is used for polish the surface of porcelain crowns, it is a necessary equipment in dental lab.

As a professional wholesale dental supply company, we also provide electric wax knife, dental lab workstations, lab micromotor, Gypsum Settling Basin, etc.

Technical Data of Pen Type Sand Blasting Machine


220V 50HZ


50W (bulb 25W)


≥ 4kg

Sand particle size

≥ 120 mesh

Packing size

47 * 44 * 31cm

Package weight

14kg / 15kg

Cup material

plastic cup and metal cup


TWO-PEN, with drawer

How To Choose Sand Blasting Machine?

1.Based on the size of workpiece, you can choose box type sand blasting machine, mobile sand blasting machine or auto sand blasting machine.

2.The specifications of sand blasting machine refer to the shape of workpiece. There are usually fixed specifications for workpiece under 1 meter. If the workpiece is much larger, the sand blasting machine should be open type or custom-made.

3.The requirements on the workpiece's surface depend on dry blasting or wet blasting. If dry blasting, there will be more choices for abrasives; if wet blasting, it usually takes glass-bead.

4.You need to be familiar with spare parts of sand blasting machine. Sand blasting gun and sand blasting gloves are often required to be replaced for the severe abrasion.

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