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Dental electric oil-free air compressors operating procedures

I. Before running the electric oil-free compressor in dentistry

1、Check to make sure that all parts of the equipment are intact, fasteners are not loose, power lines are not abnormal, voltage and nameplate markings are matched, and valves are in the correct position.

2、Check that all protective devices and safety accessories are in good condition.

Second, dental electric oil-free compressor start

This equipment is generally controlled automatically by the pressure switch, but the first operation requires the following steps.

1、 Close the total circuit breaker in the electric control box, start the pressure switch, the equipment running and pumping.

2, after the equipment is running, check whether the export valve of the oil-free air compressor is open, check whether the fan of each host part is running normally, check whether the pipeline is leaking, check whether the timer, pressure gauge, temperature control instrument and other displays are normal, and record the time of pumping.

Third, the dental electric oil-free compressor shutdown (if you do not use the air source for a long time, please follow the instructions below)

Disconnect the total circuit breaker of the electric control box and cut off the total power supply; close the exhaust ball valve of the gas storage tank; open the drain valve at the bottom of the tank to empty the gas in the tank and then close it.

IV. Precautions for dental electric oil-free compressor

1. When the dental electric oil-free compressor is first powered up, 380V is required to test whether the machine steering is correct.

Method: Place the A4 paper on the side of the running head, and the A4 paper will be sucked to the head to indicate the correct steering. In case of incorrect steering of the oil-free air compressor, adjust any two of the three phase lines of the power supply line of the head. 220V is used directly without verifying the steering.

2、 Although the dental electric oil-free air compressor is a maintenance-free system, you should pay attention to the working condition of each head at any time. If the head works for a long time or even does not stop, please check the pipeline for air leakage immediately and call the after-sales service if necessary.

3、If abnormal situation occurs, please press the oil-free air compressor "emergency stop" switch or pressure switch to close immediately.

4、Keep the air circulation in the machine room, if the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the head heat dissipation is poor and affects the life of the machine, please take appropriate measures to reduce the indoor temperature.

5、The solenoid valve used in the gas tank needs to be checked regularly, once a month. The air tank drain valve needs to be drained regularly, once a week.

6、Please follow the manual carefully for the maintenance and servicing of the dental electric oil-free compressor.

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